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It’s a tattooing procedure called areola repigmentation, and the amazing results can recover your areolas and nipples in the most realistic-looking way and enhance your appearance. There is zero surgery, and skilled experts in micropigmentation can deliver incredible results and the areolas you desire. We are one of the finest professionals in the Scottsdale area when it comes to the artistry of 3D areola pigmentation. As a woman, she understands what a female’s breasts mean to each individual and the often sensitive topic of nipples and areolas. We want every woman to love the skin they’re in, and that is why she did her training in medical aesthetics and now offers these wonderful and safe procedures at her skin rejuvenation practice.

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3D Effects: Enlarge, Darken, Redefine

Micropigmentation is a tattooing technique that can recreate a long-lasting, semi-permanent image of a natural-looking areola and/or nipple. A special handheld tattoo pen containing fine needles is used to apply ink to the top layer of the skin. The procedure takes about two sessions to complete, but it really depends on how quickly your skin heals. It can take up to 4-6 weeks or longer to fully heal. At first, the pigment will appear quite dark in color, but as healing goes on, the shade will lighten by about 50 percent. The technique can even be successfully performed over scars you may have, but the pigment may heal with a bit of a darker pigment hue.

Client Participate In Areola Design

The client plays a key role in areola repigmentation because she knows exactly how she wants her breasts to naturally appear. The client communicates with us about the shape, size, and color she wants for her areolas and/or nipples. You do not have to have both areolas or nipples tattooed during the procedure. Some women want to correct an areola that is smaller in size than the other, for instance. A topical anesthetic cream can be applied to the area before the 3D areola pigmentation is started. Every individual has a unique pain tolerance. The procedure should not be painful, but some clients feel some tingling. Touch-ups are recommended when the pigment starts to fade, and some women go beyond a year and still see rich-hued results.

8 Things You Need to Know Before Getting an Areola Tattoo

What is an areola tattoo, you ask?

It involves several cosmetic procedures to make changes around or on the areola. The tattoo ink alters the appearance of the areola and nipple by adding a realistic nipple one or changing the shape or color.

After surgery, many women undergo cosmetic procedures to regain what was removed or altered by surgery. The visual regeneration of your areolas brings the appreaance closer to your presurgical look.

Before you book your appointment for your areola tattoo, there are a few things you should know. The following things may help you in your decision to do book a consultation to discuss the process.

1 Who Should Get an Areola Tattoo?
Many people believe you can only get an areola tattoo if you have breast reconstruction. But, if anyone who wants to improve the general appearance of their breasts can have this kind of tattoo.

Any surgery that leaves the areola intact may leave scarring or a misshapen areola. An areola and nipple’s size, shape, and color can be easily evened out by tattooing over the area.

2 Know the Difference Between These Terms

When you first learn of an areola tattoo, you may hear different terms for it. Some common terms are listed down below:

  • Areola Micro-Pigmentation
  • 3-D or 4-D Nipple Tattoo
  • Natural Areola Tattoo
  • Nipple Tattoo
  • Areola Pigmentation Tattoo

All are relative and similar ways to describe the procedure. At 3D Camouflage AZ, we take the time to discuss the best options for your areola completion…

3 Its Entirely Safe to Tattoo the Areola and Nipple

You may wonder if it is safe to tattoo around the areola. Tattooing the areola and nipple is very safe. You will be given pretreatment and post care instructions to insure the best and healthiest result. Be sure you choose a licensed artist that utilizes proper safety, sterilization and hygiene practices.

3D Camouflage AZ take pride in using quality pigments and products for each and every procedure. You and your tech will carefully select your color pallet together for the most natural and realistic look.

Areola micro-pigmentation done with a qualified experienced technician will give you the procedure needed to complete your individual needs.

4 Is it painful to have your breast tattooed?

This is a common question and the answer is that most people are very comfortable with our topicals. Our team will use topical anesthetics to ease any discomfort that may occur.There may be some slight discomfort depending on the specific surgery, but it’s typically mild.

5 Are There Any Side Effects to the Areola tattoo?

The skin may feel sensitive or tight after you get a tattoo, and there may be some swelling and redness. It is normal for healing procedures to flake, look patchy or feel dry.

6 Make Sure You Take Care of Your Areola Tattoo

After your tattoo, the artist will apply a dressing to it and give you proper explicit directions in the care of your procedure. Generally, new areola tattoos heal in 10-14 days, although there is no set timeline. Your skin condition will ultimately determine how fast it heals.

7 How Long Will the Areola Pigmentation Last?

Generally, all tattoos will fade to some degree and may need touch ups. We use cosmetic pigment colors and over time some fading may occur, at which time you may opt to have your colors refreshed.

8 What Is the Price of an Areola Tattoo?

Costs differ from artist to artist when it comes to areola micro-pigmentation. Your technician typically has a set price but each case is subject to the consultation and circumstances of the individual.

Additionally, the initial price usually includes the first touch-up.

Moreover, you might be able to have your insurance cover the areola pigmentation. Under the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act (WHCRA), insurance companies must cover all stages of reconstruction surgery after mastectomy. These procedures include any additional treatments that may be necessary.

You can book a free consultation with us to discuss payment options in greater detail.

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