Hiding the Hair Loss or Thinning Hair?

Embracing Destiny Females Transform Your Hair with Scalp Micropigmentation

How Does a Hair Tattoo Impact Your Existing Hair?

If you’re seeking a safe, effective, and budget-friendly solution for hair loss, look no further than a hair tattoo. Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a revolutionary technique that creates the illusion of a full buzz cut, helping countless individuals regain their confidence in the face of hair loss. Many wonder how this innovative approach may affect their current hair and how to manage it post-treatment. Rest assured, we have the answers you’re seeking.

Caring for Your Hair After SMP
Different hair loss patterns and textures can influence your hairstyling choices, and this remains true after undergoing SMP. Your SMP practitioner will have insights into how the treatment may impact your existing hair and can offer tailored recommendations for its post-treatment care. Here are some essential styling tips:

1. **Hair Length**:
– Many clients opt for a short buzz-cut style after SMP. However, the outcome can vary depending on your natural hair length.
– Some hair growth over the SMP can look remarkably natural, but if it’s uneven, longer hair may appear patchy.
– Consult your SMP practitioner for guidance on the ideal hair length to complement your treatment and desired style.

2. **Shaving Techniques**:
– If you are bald or have minimal natural hair, regular shaving (around 2-3 times a week) may be necessary to maintain the desired short look.
– Shaving in conjunction with SMP is a straightforward process once you get the hang of it.
– Follow these three steps for a clean shave:
– Remove any remaining hair from the shaver and disinfect your tools.
– Gently tighten the skin, ensuring the blade is flush against the skin, and shave against the grain for a close cut.
– Shave your entire head evenly, even if you have minimal hair, to maintain a consistent appearance.

3. **Recommended Tools**:
– If you’re new to head shaving, ask your practitioner for tool recommendations. Some highly regarded options include:
– Andis T-Outliner
– Wahl Foil Shaver
– SkullShaver
– These shavers provide a close shave, helping you achieve the desired buzz cut look. Alternatively, you can use a wet shaver if that suits your preference.

Does SMP Treatment Impact Hair Growth?
During an SMP treatment, pigment is deposited approximately 2 mm into your scalp, while your hair follicles typically reside around 4 mm deep. This means it’s highly unlikely that the needle will interfere with your hair follicles. Consequently, SMP treatment should not impact your hair’s natural growth, and your hair should continue to grow as usual.

Understanding the SMP Process
3dcamouflageaz simplifies the process of getting your hair tattoo with the following steps:

1. **Consultation**:
– We offer free consultations, both in-person and over the phone, at all our locations.
– During your consultation, our experienced practitioners will discuss your goals, explore available options, and provide a mock-up of your hairline to visualize the treatment’s outcome.
– Feel free to ask any questions at this stage to ensure you’re comfortable and confident in the process.

2. **Treatment**:
– Most clients typically require 2-3 treatment sessions, spaced 10-14 days apart.
– Your first treatment involves the tattooing of tiny points that replicate hair follicles, delivering immediate results.
– Subsequent sessions will enhance scalp density and make minor adjustments to your hairline.
– After completing all your sessions, touch-up appointments are necessary only every 4-6 years.

Choose 3dcamouflageaz for Your Hair Tattoo
Your SMP practitioner can provide personalized advice on managing your existing hair, ensuring it seamlessly blends with your hair tattoo. SMP mimics the appearance of closely-shaved hair and has no impact on your hair growth. No more trips to the barber are required, as shaving at home is a quick and simple process. If you’re interested in getting a hair tattoo, schedule a free consultation at 3dcamouflageaz. Regain your confidence and achieve the look you desire with SMP.